SDMS is an authorised distributor of the Government Approved HSM Shredders which are inline with the Secure Destruction of Sensitive Items – CPNI Standard.Click here to learn about the CPNI Standard

The ranges offered include the Securio C – B and P are also DIPCOG approved. Click here for a DIPCOG overview

These products are also compliant with the DIN 66399 Standard, to see an overview of the DIN 66399 please scroll to the bottom of this page.



Why Shredding?

Anyone who deals with confidential, personal or sensitive data has to ensure that the data is properly destroyed and disposed of in accordance with the appropriate regulations. SDMS supply shredders compliant with Security Levels 4, 5 and 6. The range also includes options to shred CDs, DVDs etc.

Securio document shredders symbolise quality at the highest level. Whether it’s the shredders of the C range for personal/home office for 1 to 3 users, the B range for small businesses or the P range for professional applications: all Securio document shredders are premium devices and state-of-the-art, reliable security partners.

Shredder Ranges:

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Powerful personal/home office model designed for 1 to 3 users, also shreds credit cards/store cards (see below for details).
Multi-function operating button.
Reverse button.
Automatic start / stop and auto-reverse in the event of a paper jam.
Quiet operating sound.
Folding safety element with contact protection (the device stops when pressure is applied to the element).
Efficient Energy Management (EMCS).
Removable waste container, plus automatic stop when the shredded material is removed.
Level indicator through inspection window.
Removable collecting bin.

Data security made easy! The powerful entry level model of the B-series for the workplace. With automatic start/stop and overload protection. The waste container with 33 litres of capacity can be easily removed and emptied.
For increased data security in a modern design. The quiet document shredder with an anti-paper jam function and powerful drive components is designed for continuous operation. We recommend it for use in the workplace.
Data security at the highest level. Thanks to the smooth and powerful cutting system, this document shredder is particularly suitable for data destruction in the workplace or for small working groups.
This premium document shredder in an elegant design provides for data security in an open-plan office. Thanks to the powerful drive, it reliably and quietly shreds the incoming amounts of data for up to eight people.

Top class, professional data destruction! This document shredder with a powerful and quiet cutting unit guarantees you data security in continuous operation for all office departments. Suitable for up to fifteen people.
Professional data destruction combined with incredibly smooth running. Thanks to the optimum co-ordination of all cutting unit and drive components, this document shredder effortlessly shreds the paper quantities in departments with up to fifteen people in continuous operation.
The top document shredder of the HSM SECURIO line. This powerhouse with 205 litres of collection volume reliably processes large amounts of paper and is therefore optimal as a department document shredder.

The hard drive shredder HSM Powerline HDS 150 destroys digitial media devices in a safe and economical way – and is data protection compliant as well.

Secure, data policy compliant and economical. This hard drive shredder shreds digital data carriers into little particles and makes data re-creation virtually impossible.


What is the DIN 66399?

The storage media containing our confidential data and information are varied. Along with paper, the classic data medium, digital data media now also plays a major role. The DIN 66399 standard takes this diversity into account, and defines what security means for all our modern media. The DIN 66399 supersedes DIN 32757 and describes the requirements for machines and processes for shredding data media. The standard was developed by the Standards Committee for Information Technology and Applications (NIA).


The 3 protection classes of the DIN 66399

The protection requirement of your data is classified into three different classes. The type of data is checked to determine the protection requirement in the company. This identifies which need for protection is required, and therefore the protection class.

Protection 1:
Normal security requirement for internal data. Unauthorised publication or dissemination would have a limited negative impact on the company. Protection of personal data must be ensured. There would otherwise be a risk to the position and financial situation of the affected persons.
Protection 2:
High security requirement for confidential data. Unauthorised dissemination would have a considerable affect on the company and could infringe legal obligations or laws. The protection of personal data must fulfil strict requirements. There would otherwise be a considerable risk to the social standing and financial situation of the affected persons.
Protection 3:
Very high protection requirements for particularly confidential and secret data. Unauthorised dissemination would have serious terminal consequences for the company and infringe trade confidentiality obligations, contracts or laws. It is essential that the confidentiality of personal data is maintained. Otherwise there is a risk to the health and safety or personal freedom of the affected persons.
The 6 data media of the DIN 66399

The standard divides all the different data media into 6 categories. Each category contains an explanation of the data formats.


The 7 security levels of the DIN 66399
Security level
Protection class 1 1, 2, 3
Protection class 2 4, 5, 6
Protection class 3 7, 8, 9


Security Level 1: General documents to be rendered illegible or invalidated.
Security Level 2: Internal documents to be rendered illegible or invalidated.
Security Level 3: Data media with sensitive and confidential data as well as personal data subject to high protection requirements.
Security Level 4: Data media with highly sensitive and confidential data as well as personal data subject to high protection requirements.
Security Level 5: Data media with confidential information of fundamental importance for a person, company or institution.
Security Level 6: Data media with confidential documents in the case of extraordinary security precautions.
Security Level 7: For strictly confidential data with the highest security precautions.
All data carrier categories and security levels

The security level which the document shredder produces depends on its cutting units.

The following picture shows the 6 data carrier categories and 7 security levels.


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