Information is the weapon of choice in the 21st Century.

SDMS is a specialist British company designing and supplying trusted data transfer products to protect sensitive data.

Our commitment is to ensure classified data systems and personnel achieve and maintain security accreditations, with the minimum of operational restrictions. The risk of inadvertent data loss or security breaches are mitigated through an approved and easy to use product range.

Clients achieve through-life cost savings during all phases of projects due to our evidence base and pre-approvals easing accreditation, our comprehensive audit trail of delivered data storage products and  effective destruction of sensitive electronic data.



Our ISO9001 audited Quality Management System and procedures accreditation, covers the UK manufacturing, configuration and provision of hardware encrypted USB Memory Devices for use in both benign and harsh environments.  SDMS Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Memory devices can all be configured to specialist requirements.

In essence our data storage and data acquisition product sets offer the following:

  • High visibility cyber-risk reduction.
  • Prevention of cross contamination of data.
  • Reinforcement of IT Security Operating Procedures.
  • Through life data-media security audit trail.
  • Enhanced Programme Data Management.


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