The SDMS core business is focused on manufacturing encrypted bespoke external devices and offering solutions to combat unauthorised removal of sensitive data.

We supply a comprehensive range of protectively marked data acquisition and removable data storage devices in both analogue and digital formats, including magnetic, optical and solid state technologies inline with the GSC.

The benefits are;

  • UK Design and Manufacture of DIPCOG Certified Data Transfer Devices.
  • High visibility cyber-risk reduction.
  • Prevention of cross contamination of data.
  • Reinforcement of IT Security Operating Procedures.
  • Through life data-media security audit trail.
  • Enhanced Programme Data Management.

Data Protection

In addition to the core business, SDMS are Partners and Authorised Distributors for a range of products and services that protect and secure clients data and equipment, these include;

  • Becrypt Disk Protect and Device Controls.
  • Approved HMG Degaussers and Shredders.
  • Fire and Data Safes compliant with the most stringent European Standards.
  • Peli: Rugged Cases, Rack Mounts and Mobile Military Solutions.
  • Remote Area Lighting Solutions.
  • UK Design and Manufacture – Customised Cases and Inserts.
  • Consultancy and Training on all aspects of data recording, information storage from legacy systems to drawing board technologies, degaussing and secure disposal.

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