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SDMS are a UK partner and Authorised Distributor of Peli Products. Both, Peli™ Cases and Peli™ Storm Case™ ranges offer more than 70 injection moulded cases to protect sensitive equipment of all sizes and are constantly tested by professionals and outdoor users under the toughest conditions on earth. They have been designed to meet military tests requirements and are covered by Peli’s Legendary Lifetime Guarantee*

*Where applicable by Law

Why Peli:

The following are a selection of the uses of Peli products, Industrial equipment cases to protect sensitive equipment, Military Containers to protect weapons, boxes to accommodate Photographic equipment, Customised cases for Electronic equipment, Heavy-duty Plastic cases for logistics applications, polypropylene tool cases with wheels for working outside, video camera cases for broadcast teams and transport and logistics crates for keeping equipment safe.

Peli Ranges:

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mobile military

Peli-Hardigg™ is the specialised manufacturer of the toughest, watertight, dust-proof and chemical resistant shipping cases in the market. Our extra-large rotomoulded containers enable sensitive equipment to travel through the most versatile environments and arrive safely and operational.

These extremely tough transport cases have reinforced corners and edges for additional impact protection. Recessed handles, latches and hinges prevents them from being sheared off during transport. Besides, our rotomolded transport boxes include matching top and bottom ribs, so they won’t shift when stacked.


Peli-Hardigg™ cases keep your sensitive equipment safe from moisture, dust, sand, salt and even impact. Safe inside, your gear is protected against drop damage while the rib design maximizes stacking and stability en route. For additional impact protection, our cases are available with Pick N Pluck™ or Custom Foam.

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Incorporating: Mobile Armoury, Mobile Medical, Mobile IT, Mobile Office & Mobile Master

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Storm Case
RESILIENT HPX™: High impact shell.

PRESS & PULL LATCHES: Unique Press & Pull Latches open with the push of a button, yet stay closed securely under impact or stress.

RUGGED IN-LINE WHEELS: Ball bearing wheels provide low-friction, low drag rolling for easy movement of heavy loads. Available on select models.

DOUBLE-LAYERED, SOFT-GRIP HANDLES: Tested and proven strong, these comfort grips withstand heavy loads.

MOULDED IN HASPS: Unbreakable moulded-in hasps, allow you to add standard size padlocks, offering another measure of security.

ROUNDED DEFLECTIVE CORNERS: The corners of a Peli™ Storm Case™ deflect and absorb impact, dispensing kinetic energy throughout the case to ensure contents remain safe drop after drop.

VORTEX™ VALVE: Permanently attached Vortex™ valve automatically adjusts air pressure without letting in water, and won’t unscrew from the case.

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Peli™cases are made with a proprietary combination of homo-polymers and co-polymers, using an open cell core and solid wall construction, which is stronger and lighter than a solid core wall. Stainless steel pins are used in hinges and handles.

WATERTIGHT: The secret is the tongue and groove fit with a polymer o-ring acting as a waterproof seal.

EASY ROLLER: Stainless steel ball bearing wheels last longer and ride smoother. The nylon hub adjacent to the stainless steel is made to resist heat. The result is less wear and tear on the polyurethane wheel.

REINFORCED PADLOCK PROTECTORS: Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors provide added strength and extra security against cutting and theft.

DOUBLE-STEP LATCHES: The Double-Step latches are smarter and easier to open: it’s the classic “C” clamp design with a secondary movement that works like a pry bar to start the release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light pull.

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Remote Area Lighting
Peli Products offers a full range of Remote Area Lighting Systems (RALS) bringing portable, powerful, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible lighting technology to remote and general area applications.

All Remote Area Lighting models are powered by a rechargeable battery. Furthermore, in the most recent models, 9490 and 9480, the battery is swappable between the two models. That is a great feature since it allows working with an extra battery so the user can double run time.

Peli offers RALS for night-time road construction crews, railway engineers, firefighters and professionals of emergency & rescue. These systems can also benefit TV/film producers that need to illuminate dark areas with powerful generators or military teams that need to illuminate working areas. In conclusion, anyone that needs to illuminate a large area without the gas consumption, noise and air pollution.

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