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SDMS are an authorised distributor of Becrypt Disk Protect and Device Control Products.

Disk Protect: Secure your data wherever it travels with full disk encryption software.

Device Control: Prevent data leakage with Becrypt’s port control options.



Why Becrypt:

Becrypt differentiates its products and services through its focus on meeting the most demanding security standards, and continues to innovate to meet evolving customer needs. Becrypt continues to be the first to bring new technology to market, helping customers leverage the full benefits of mobile technology.

Product Ranges:

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Suitable for lower threat environments including commercial and government organisations where FIPS 140-2 is sufficient. Centralised management, one factor authentication and single sign-on ensure that it is easy to deploy, manage and use.

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Variants: CPA AND CPA+

Suitable for organisations that require accreditation (including government, military and NATO organisations), but also available for commercial entities that demand more confidence in their security product. Approved to protect OFFICIAL data within the new UK Government Classification Scheme (GSC), without the need for CESG sales approval and key material. Customers can achieve all the benefits of full centralised management, but would typically be configured for two-factor authentication.

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Variants: Baseline and Enhanced

Available for the higher threat environments within UK government, military and NATO organisations where certification is necessary. These products are subject to export control and can only be purchased with prior sales approval, and necessary key material, from CESG. Published security procedures also provide appropriate guidance throughout the life of the product. Security constraints, due to product architecture and operational procedures, means that some auditing and reporting capability is available, but not full central management.

DISK Protect Baseline

Also requires mandatory Disk Protect Baseline 1 year maintenance

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DISK Protect Enhanced

 Also requires mandatory Disk Protect Enhanced 1 year maintenance

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Variants: Connect Protect & Advanced Port Control

Becrypt’s Port Control suite provides simple and efficient access control options for end point connectivity to removable devices and media. It implements end user device policies to ensure that your organisation minimises the risk of data leakage and malware introduction, meeting information assurance and compliance goals.

Organisations can granularly define which external devices can connect to your estate’s personal computers, based on device white listing.

Becrypt has a number of port control options available : to find the most suitable variant for you, please see below.

Connect Protect

Connect Protect is a flexible solution for organisations looking for full central management, audit and reporting capabilities. It was designed to elegantly integrate with your AD groups and, in conjunction with Becrypt’s Enterprise Manager, easily define corporate policies.

Devices are configured by type and may be set to:

  • Enabled
  • Controlled Access (Via Audited File Copy)
  • Read Only (if applicable)
  • Disabled

Also requires mandatory Connect Protect Maintenance 1 Year maintenance

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Advanced Port Control

APC is a CAPS approved peripheral device control solution that provides assured protection against a variety of risks associated with the use of such devices. It is specifically designed for use in environments that host protectively marked data.

APC may be installed on individual client computers or via a software distribution platform.

APC is managed via a password-protected Configuration Tool, which allows the administrator to create and maintain separate policies (white lists of allowed devices) for the client computer and for each individual user (if required).

Also requires mandatory Advanced Port Control (APC)  1 Year Maintenance

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