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SDMS are an authorised distributor of Phoenix Data Safes that meet the Swedish Standard, Fire Resistant Grade NT FIRE 017-60 diskette.



Why Data Safes?

“Data Safes” are required to keep the internal temperature below 52 degrees C and therefore will have thicker walls, when compared to fire safes, and use sophisticated insulating materials to provide the extra protection required.  As a result they are for a given storage capacity, heavier and more expensive than fire safes.

Data Safe Ranges:

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The Swedish Standard, Fire Resistant Grade NT FIRE 017-60 diskette, Test A120 requires that a Data Safe should maintain the specified internal temperature and humidity when exposed to an external temperature of 1015 degrees C for 2 hours.This means that the measurement of the internal temperature and humidity are stopped after 2 hours.

The internal temperature of a safe will continue to rise even after removal from the test furnace or after an actual fire has been extinguished.

To be able to safely specify this standard of Data Safe you must be confident that any fire will be extinguished well within 2 hours of the fire starting.

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